The dome of the United States Capitol Bu


End the Border Crisis


  • Tighten the border by way of sealants and reinforcements of the gaps.


  • Enforce laws by supporting border agents with proper technology and safety.


  • The United States is our home. We must protect the homeland and bring law and order back into the immigration process.


  • For people who have crossed the border illegally, we will design a reform plan to ensure that justice, consequences, and laws are respected. We must solve the problem that was created in the first place.

Sensible Immigration Policies
  • There should be vetting time between receipt of an application and granting of citizenship to an immigrant.


  • Immigrants must have a sense of commitment to America.


  • Application forms should be available to people who want to add value to America.


  • America welcomes those who will build up our great nation.

Cut Inflation
  • The federal government is the biggest employer of Americans. We will reevaluate spending on all federal departments and agencies.

  • Review budget deficits to course correct in a way that does not worsen current rates of inflation.

Enforce Law and Order
  • Americans need the police. If you do not think so, what would you suggest is the alternative?

  • The police are overwhelmed by sometimes inconsistent laws that are made by our local city councils and legislatures. The blame is misplaced on police. The police just enforce the laws that are created by other bodies.

  • Law enforcement should be working on significant crimes, but they are stretched thin. We must provide the necessary resources so that law enforcement is supported and so that significant crimes can be solved and brought to justice. We must carry out this enforcement of significant crimes to reduce current crime rates.

Serve God and The People


  • God is the supreme power.

  • I am a servant of the people to figure out what is going on in Washington and report back to the people with honesty.

  • I will only represent my constituent’s wants and needs, not those of lobbyists. I refuse to allow a For Sale sign to be placed on my door. I only work for the people of my home district.

Reopen America
  • We are guaranteed freedom by the United States Constitution.


  • Mandates are antithetical to our origins as a free nation.


  • America is the country that prevails against evil, authoritarianism, and tyranny.


  • We will uphold standard American values and not back down.

Reduce Taxes


  • We will address the 15% redundancy rate to review where our tax revenue is being spent. We must do this before we do anything else. So much money is wasted. We must fix this prior to anything else.


  • Welfare and social programs will be evaluated to ensure that the right people are being served by these services.

Bring Back High Paying Jobs


  • Expand access to jobs with wages that can sustain the lives of people so that they have a high level of satisfaction and security.


  • Building money management programs so that all individuals can acquire the skills they need to make every dollar stretch as much as possible.

Promote the Family


  • Family is the foundation of America.

  • American Families set the tone for American success and morality.

  • We must defend the American Family and not permit any forces to dismantle this foundational unit of American society.

Restore the American Dream


  • First, we are Americans.

  • Individual motivation is needed to fulfill any goal one may have. We will promote a free meritocracy so that individuals of all backgrounds have access to opportunities that will allow them to improve their conditions.

  • There are no restrictions for minorities or any other demographic groups. Categorizing and stereotyping discourages people from trying. Upward mobility is available to all who put in the hard work.

Stand Up for America, Not Globalism


  • We support Americans first.

  • Businesses, charities, and individuals should prioritize America and her interests first.

  • On the foreign policy table, we must ensure that deals are reasonable for all parties involved and that America does not suffer or lose from deals that are made on the global stage.